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JDRF-Funded Research:  Progress Report

Name:   Jung-Mo Ahn ,Ph.D.
The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Lab Website:  

Project duration:   01-OCT-2010   to   30-SEP-2013
Beta Cell Imaging

Project grant award:   $500,000.00*

* Total Grant award amount may vary depending on budget adjustments and it is contingent upon research progress and availability of JDRF research funds.
File No:   37-2011-20

(Abstract Dt: 14-DEC-2011)

Therapeutic Area:   Beta Cell Therapies

Grant Status: Active
Project Title
Non-Invasive Imaging of Pancreatic Beta-Cells Using Novel GLP-1 Constructs
In the first year of the grant, we have achieved (1) synthesis of 11 modified GLP-1 analogues, (2) conjugation of NOTA to the GLP-1 analogues, (3) construction of multivalent GLP-1 analogues by using multifunctional metal chelators, (4) in vivo and ex vivo evaluation of 68Ga-labeled GLP-1 analogues on pacreatic beta-cell imaging, (5) longitudinal assessment of beta-cell mass on STZ-induced T1D mice and PANIC-ATTAC mice. From these experiments, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our current leading compound for monitoring beta-cell mass changes over the progression of the disease. In addition, we have examined new GLP-1 analogues for their potential in beta-cell imaging.
Haokao Gao, Gang Niu, Min Yang, Qimeng Quan, Ying Ma, Eunice N. Murage, Jung-Mo Ahn, Dale O. Kiesewetter, and Xiaoyuan Chen, PET of Insulinoma Using 18F-FBEM-EM3106B, a New GLP-1 Analogue, Mol. Pharmaceutics 2011, in press. [JDRF support was cited.] Jung-Mo Ahn, Eunice N. Murage, Su-Tang Lo, Mai Lin, and Xiankai Sun, Highly Constrained GLP-1 Analogues as Non-Invasive PET Imaging Agents for the Assessment of Pancreatic Beta-Cell Mass, Proceedings of the 22nd American Peptide Symposium, Michael Lebl (editor), American Peptide Society, San Diego, CA, 2011, in press. [JDRF support was cited.] Lo, S-T; Murage, E; Ahn, J-M; Sun, X: PET Imaging of Pancreatic Beta-cell Mass Changes in a Mouse Model. The Annual Society of Nuclear Medicine Meeting, June 4 – 8, 2011, San Antonio. J. Nucl. Med. 2011, 52 (Suppl1): 26P. [JDRF support was cited.] Mai Lin, Su-Tang Lo, Eunice N. Murage, Jung-Mo Ahn, and Xiankai Sun, Non-invasive imaging of pancreatic beta-cells by using enzymatically stable GLP-1 analogues, manuscript in preparation. [JDRF support will be cited.]
Who benefits from the research
This research will benefit diabetic patients by following up their loss of beta-cells or regeneration of beta-cells with help of many existing diabetic therapeutic interventions. Also, this will help to evaluate the success of islet transplanatation.
Future Plans
Construction of other conformationally constrained GLP-1 analogues Examination of receptor binding and metabolic stability of bicyclic GLP-1 analogues In vivo and ex vivo PET/CT evaluation of multivalent GLP-1 analogues Longitudinal MRI-PET imaging of BCM changes with 68Ga-labeled GLP-1 analogues Evaluation of physiological and pharmacological effect of the leading compound